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Inspirace: Bow to You - Ananda & Jaya Lakshmi

Bow to You                                                  

/Autorská tvorba/ Ananda & Jaya Lakshmi /akordy/kytara/ 

Vs. Am You're the Creator. F You're the Sustainer. C                                G You're the Destroyer of all. You're my lover. You're my partner. You're my teacher of all. Ch. I bow to you. Vs. You are the earth from which all things grow. You are the water, the eternal flow. You are the fire that glows on and on. You are the air I breath in for this song. Ch. Vs. You are the sweetness that embraces me. You are the all pervading truth and beauty. You are the infinite love, bestower of grace. You are the compassion, the healing space.