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The River 


/Autorská tvorba/Geoffrey Oryema/akordy - kytara/

Fm#                         Fm# Paint me a picture of a river H             Fm# and let it flow just let it flow E                                                  D   E it will flow and wash away our differences                     Fm#   H  Fm# A Fm# and love will grow Fm# You have the power to deliver                       H Fm# so let it flow E                                            D        E When I deep my hand into your water A           Fm# I feel your soul A   B   A      E    Fm# Nafikiria kurudi shamba Nafikiria kurudi shamba I'll do the fire by your river of metled stone you can drink the silver of my moonlight as our fire burns the fire burns I'll slide inside your slient water like polished stone then break the surface with a shiver while the river flows (Chorus) Paint me a picture of the river and let it flow let it flow all across the deserts and the mountains we'll let it go let it go.